Due to increased security, only past projects are posted.
   The following list is only a portion of the projects the collective members of our staff, and/or ARIA (itself has produced - in red), have been a part of ...
(Titles in RED are ARIA productions)
(not in any particular order)
The Scorpion King
Last Man Down
Shattered Vows
Martin's Game
Hunt For Red October
Ripper Man
Loving Deadly
Top Dog
Time Raiders
North and South
Gothic West
Dick Baby
Tortilla Soup
Savage Heart
Road House
The Wrath
Heart Sounds
Top Gun
Traffic (the short)
The Road Warrior
Blame It On The Night
Slaughter House
The Confession
The Longest Night
Parallels and Assumptions
Secret Body Guard
Navy Seals
In The Beginning It Looks...
Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins
Intimate Language
Sport-Light Spotlight
Pilot's Corner
Where's Andy
Eating The Field
Spotlight On The Arts
San Diego Cooks
Choosin' Cruisin'
How To Build A Golfer
The Long Drive
So You Want To Be A Trucker?
Simon and Simon
Silk Stalkings
   Again, this is only a partial list, and does not even touch on commercials, training films and videos, music videos, made for cable broadcast short films, and special events.
The HD show: Why We Fly

   ARIA Motion Pictures, now in the Caribbean, was a powerful name in San Diego film production since its birth in 1994. However, the ARIA main staff have been together for far longer than that, doing production work, and assisting other companies, in hundreds of projects! These projects consisted of everything from wedding videos, to full budget theatrical released feature films!

   Below, are highlights from ARIA projects:


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